Alexander Lukas


Alexander Lukas

Alexander Lukas

Since 2018 I'm based in Rome, Italy and offer security trainings and consulting services to clients in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the rest of Europe.


As a German citizen, I was born in a society that can hardly be more secure and save.

Of course there is violence and crime in Europe. But the fact that millions of people dream of living here every year shows that we are one of the most livable places on earth. Everyone in Europe can freely develop their personality and live in very different life models and become happy. - Why is this so?

Some people say this is because of our high level of civilization that we have reached. We have become wise and sensible and therefore no longer use force to solve our problems.

I think the opposite is true.

European history and also various events in the time of the Corona Pandemia show how thin the blanket of civilization can be.

In my opinion, peace and prosperity came about in Europe BECAUSE we are able to guarantee security through stable states and societies.
Anyone who has to fight for their bread every day or is on the run from war and violence has little time to compose operas and make architecture not only functional but also beautiful.

"Without security there is no freedom," said Willhelm von Humbold and I also follow this credo.

To do my part to make our world safer and thus more civilized and better is my inner drive, to which I feel deeply committed.

As a former soldier and security expert, I have assumed responsibility for the seecurity for military airports, residential areas for soldiers' families, critical data centers, universities, music events, research centers  and nuclear facilities. At the "first line" as a security guard or soldier, as supervisor, executive, trainer and manager.


I have learned that security is a great good that doesn't come for free. It takes hard work - interlectual and physical - by the few to keep the many safe.


Through years of experience in the security industry, I have been able to build up an international network of experts who share my values and with whom I can cover a huge range of security consulting services.

I'm proud and happy to be able to make this expertise available to you, to make your life more safe and secure.

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Alexander Lukas

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